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We are a full-service acquisition, development, and asset management company creating lasting value. We invest in people, businesses, and communities to help them thrive, finding value where others don’t with an entrepreneurial spirit, insightful creativity, and financial expertise.

Rebound Real Estate has business affiliates that it works closely with that perform brokerage, leasing and property management services. Bluewater Properties primarily serves the commercial market and is located in Northfield, MN. G&H Property Management primarily serves the residential market and is located in Faribault, MN.



We can support all the steps necessary in development, from acquisition through opening. Our focus on extensive due diligence, design and project management has led to success in renovation and ground up developments.


Our team works to identify and acquire high yielding real estate properties with significant upside potential.

Asset Management

We focus on the long-term picture, reviewing portfolio performance, maximizing the value of each property, and realizing the highest return on investment for project stakeholders.



Welcome to Rebound Real Estate

From the earliest days when our focus was on acquisition, we repositioned aging commercial properties to create value and positive cash flow.  As investment opportunities continued to diversify, so did our desire to expand the verticals of Rebound Partners to provide meaningful management and development services which would strengthen each project and transform the communities we serve. Our passion is in building value and authenticity into every project we become a part of. Combining local market presence with the knowledge gained with decades of design and development experience, our team provides valuable technical expertise, as well as cost and time saving opportunities throughout the entire development process.

We make the complex simple. If you are facing complicated real estate issues or need a partner in execution, we invite you to reach out and start a conversation about your development needs. We have a tool in the box to handle any real estate challenge.

Engagement and Experience

We keep your ideas moving. 

Be in the know on all things investments and management related.

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