Rebound Partners understands the objectives and needs of our clients from day one. We have the operating expertise to execute tailored investment strategies to meet those goals.



Rebound Partners pursues opportunities where there is a synergy of philosophies, ethics and operations with our portfolio of partners. We believe that creating strong relationships – both personal and professional – goes a long way towards creating value and achieving long-term outcomes. We place value on diversity of opinion and input from all the individuals we join together with to foster thriving entities.


At Rebound Partners, we do nothing alone. Our entire ethos is centered around working with others to harness the power of collaboration, complementary talents, and economies of scale. The best route to great solutions and reaching successful objectives is by  working together through robust dialogue and partnership.


We are a results-oriented company. If you work with Rebound Partners you will find we value achievement over activity. Our focus as a company is foundationally grounded in enacting a lasting and positive impact within our own company verticals and in the communities in which we live, work and play.



Our proven process we call, The Rebound Way, which involves using best practices in combination with tenets and values we believe in.  We are a responsible steward of capital and the way we architect our investments is around driving the most positive impact while delivering community and investor returns over the long term.


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Introducing The

Rebound Community Real Estate Fund

The Rebound Community Real Estate Fund collaborates with cities and towns and their local leaders to raise capital, leverage that capital with local financing, and then invest in like-minded real estate projects which deliver meaningful returns. We provide a model where community members can invest in their own backyard to make a difference in the vibrancy of their hometown.