Rebound Partners has seven distinct areas of focus in which we do business. We term these areas “verticals”. Each of our verticals has a designated champion that is at the helm and leads their respective teams. A common thread in our vertical portfolio is Rebound Partners focuses on community – we want to give back in as many ways as possible to the communities where we live, work and play.


Rebound Hospitality is a hotel management group focused on developing businesses and people that are dedicated to serving and connecting our communities. We are proud of our ability to make challenging historic properties beautiful and sustainable while creating strong and lasting relationships with our guests and associates

Food & Beverage

Rebound Food & Beverage is led by Freetime Restaurant, LLC, an investment and management company that owns and operates restaurants, including Reunion, Redemption and Tavern and has plans to pursue future growth opportunities.


REVocity collaborates with cities and towns and their local leaders to raise capital, leverage that capital with local financing, and then invest in like-minded real estate projects which deliver meaningful returns. We provide a model where community members can invest in their own backyard to make a difference in the vibrancy of their hometown.

rebound real estate

Real Estate

Rebound Real Estate is focused on real estate development and acquisitions in the areas of hospitality, multifamily housing, senior housing, and commercial/retail buildings.  Our team curates uniquely tailored projects regardless of the location, size, or scope.  Each project is specifically designed to meet the needs of a given market ultimately driving value.


Rebound Manufacturing has ownership positions in a variety of manufacturing companies providing investment, governance, and strategy guidance. A healthy manufacturing industry is one of the hallmark indicators of a thriving economy.

Self Storage

Rebound Self Storage is dedicated to providing high quality storage units and excellent service to its customers. Our goal is to grow and expand existing facilities and partner to acquire additional facilities across small to mid-sized markets in Minnesota. Our professionalism and eye toward improvement make us a stand out in this field.

Rebound Financial Services

Financial Services

Rebound Financial Services invests in companies and people in order to help them grow and realize their goals.  We take equity and loan positions to help provide needed capital and we specialize in turnaround situations.  Our breadth of services and industry knowledge allow us to understand each client’s unique business model and plan strategically for a profitable future.