Creating Locally Driven Community Real Estate Investment Funds




REVocity works  with communities to develop Community Real Estate Funds through impact investing. Impact investments are investments made with the intention to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return.

The concept stimulates the local economy by creating both a positive community return and an investor financial return. The varying funds serve as a unique opportunity for people and organizations to invest in their own backyard. It is a locally driven investment fund focused on enhancing the community where people live, work & play.



We make an impact by providing real estate solutions for communities and neighborhoods that can support economic vitality.


We have a strategic methodology to execute Impact Investing to provide both a financial and community return to investors.

Quantitative + Qualitative

We utilize both data and our experienced team to identify factors for success in a community. 


We provide capital and create financing solutions for real estate acquisitions and development in communities.


We have a team who is results driven with extensive financial and real estate expertise.


We are a trusted partner with a respected reputation who creates genuine relationships.


Welcome REVocity

We utilize our talented team, collaborative partnerships and proven process to develop Community Real Estate Funds. Our funds are principally impact investments that allow individuals, local businesses and non-profit organizations to invest in their own backyard, achieving meaningful financial returns while enriching their own community.

In addition, our concept provides an economic driver by investing in a whole host of community-minded real estate projects.  The REVocity team works directly with identified local leaders to implement the creation of a fund, including the decisions for the varied real estate investments that are of strategic importance to the community. We would love to partner with you to enhance and foster positive impact in your community.

Engagement and Experience

We keep your ideas moving. 

Be in the know on all things investments and management related.

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