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Supporting manufacturing companies by lending our capital, governance expertise and financial acumen.



Rebound Manufacturing is one of our seven verticals. We have the experience to make these businesses succeed in a highly competitive marketplace. Rebound Partners offers expertise and knowledge in investment, governance, and strategy to support our champions who serve as the company CEOs. They know what it takes to develop a solid and robust business plan, execution of the plan, excellent leadership, and the support of advisors on a board of directors to make a company find its sweet spot in its manufacturing arena.


At present, Rebound Manufacturing is engaged with two companies, Northfield Automation Systems and Advanced Wireless Communications. Over time Rebound Partners has invested in these companies, helped them with their business models, served on their board of directors and provided advice and counsel on operations. Both are currently in a position of strength. Rebound Partners is committed to the long-term health of its partner organizations and is skilled at re-evaluation and repositioning businesses within changing markets.


Welcome to Rebound Manufacturing

Brett Reese, Rebound Partners Founder, began his formal career as a CPA performing audits, some of which were manufacturing companies across the state of Minnesota where the CPA firm issued opinions on their financial performance. He came to learn that strong financial reporting and analysis are vital, and in addition that leadership, accountability and market knowledge are arguably just as important. Since leaving his CPA firm in the mid-80s, Mr. Reese has been involved with many manufacturing companies and is always interested in consulting and partnership.

Another Rebound Partners champion, Norman Oberto was the President and owner at Imperial Plastics for twenty years before retiring and selling the company in 2017.  Norm now heads the Storage vertical of Rebound Partners and remains active in helping companies in the manufacturing sector. 

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