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We are currently in the self storage business, owning and operating a storage facility located in Northfield and Dundas, MN. Rebound Self Storage has future plans to partner with other Minnesota based operators to expand our facilities and deliver our services to a larger number of customers across the state. We offer optimum storage solutions for customers, while providing a return to investors.



Quality Storage

We provide top quality storage units combined with personal service to our customers in and around Northfield and Dundas, MN.

Asset Management

We focus on maximizing the long-term value of our properties and realizing the highest return on investment for project stakeholders. 


At our current facility, we realized there was growth potential in the market and began planning an expansion to fill the need. 



Working with partners in city government and local contractors and the bank we added over 13,500 sq. ft of storage space consisting of 92 brand new units with two new sizes.  



Our team is actively working to identify and acquire additional quality, high yielding storage facilities.  

Target Markets

Our target market is top facilities in small and semi-rural areas much like Northfield.  We have a carefully crafted formula to evaluate facilities that might fit our criteria.



Welcome to Rebound Self Storage

The mission of Rebound Self Storage is to be a leading storage provider by offering the best value for products and services to our customers for the markets we serve, consistently emphasizing customer satisfaction, reliable service, professional staff, organized and safe facilities, and continuous improvement.

Since 1979 we have provided clean, safe, well maintained storage units to serve the Northfield / Dundas area. We recently finished our eighth expansion, adding on over 14,000 square feet of storage space consisting of 92 brand new units with two new sizes.

Engagement and Experience

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