When I started at Rebound Enterprises in 2014 the company had a website like most companies do.  However, ours was dated and contained mostly static content.  Other than some blog activity, the site has not changed at all leading up to me writing this piece.  

I would take a guess that an example like this is actually more common than not for small, fast moving, entrepreneurial companies like Rebound Enterprises.  We have a lot of projects and not that many employees, so we tend to focus on our tasks that have a deadline and can generate revenue for us.  The website was not created with that mind and with no one on our staff with particular skill and experience to maintain or redo the website, it remained as it was.

Of course, the topic of our website would come up from time to time.  A prospective client went to our website and couldn’t find the information she wanted,the wrong address is listed on one page so mail got sent somewhere else, staff who no longer worked for us still had bios up on the site.   We had discussed numerous times trying to update some of the most inaccurate pieces and we always agreed that would be great, but for the better part of six years there was no action.

Fortunately, in spring of 2020, in the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic when business slowed, we realized it was the best time to start anew.   Not  just the website, but the whole Rebound Enterprises brand and identity.  We needed to overhaul our entire look, sound and feel via a rebrand.  After all, over the course of the past decade we had added many new employees, projects, verticals of business, and had expanded our base of interested clients and partners.  With the help of Re-Tool Marketing (www.retoolmarketing.com) we took on the task and if you are reading this blog, you are now experiencing our new site, new logo and new name, Rebound Partners.

We think the result and the total revamp is on point.  Now if we are asked, “what is Rebound Partners and what do you do?” we can proudly direct people to our newly launched website and proudly state, “you can find everything about us and our brand there.”